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Products I’m Currently loving!

Hello everybody,

Today I’m going to be talking about products I’m loving at the moment, some of these products are new to me and some are old favourites that I haven’t used in a while. 

My first product is the morphe 35o palette, I’ve wanted this palette for so long but it hasn’t been in stock it finally came in stock and my friend bought it for me as an early Christmas present. I’ve used this palette most days since I’ve had it as I’m loving orange eye makeup at the moment. When I’m not using the morphe 35o palette I’ve been using the original naked palette I’ve been loving the shades naked, buck and half baked for a natural eye look. 

Morphe 35o and swatches of my most used shades 

Urban decay naked palette and swatches of naked, buck and half baked. 

My next favourite is mac studio fix fluid, I haven’t used this product in a couple of months but now that it’s getting colder I’ve been wanting quite a full coverage foundation that’s not too heavy on my face. I use the shade nw13 which matches my skin perfectly. 

Mac studio fix fluid foundation shade nw13

This next product is something that I feel should be hyped a lot more, in may I bought the urban decay perversion mascara along with the subversion eyelash primer and honestly I have used a better mascara. I’ve used quite a few mascaras over the past couple of year and nothing makes my very short eyelashes look as good as this makes them look, this mascara makes my eyelashes longer and more voluminous than any other Mascara I have ever used. 

Perversion mascara and subversion eyelash primer. 

the last makeup product I’m going to talk about is the Gerard cosmetics hydra matte lipstick in the shade everything nice, I’ve wore this liquid lipstick everyday for the past couple of weeks. This lipstick is such a perfect browny nude shade. I have swatches in my last blog post of this lipstick. 

Gerard cosmetics hydra matte liquid lipstick with wet and dry swatches. 

I recently bleached my hair from quite a dark brown to platinum blonde, currently my hair is a pinky/lilac shade. After I bleached my hair it was still in fairly good condition but I left silver shampoo on all night and the next day my hair felt horrible, I was looking through my things to see if I had anything that I thought would help a bit and I found the beauty protector pretect and detangle leave in conditioner spray that I received in a birch box once and I have to say it made my hair feel amazing and so soft you wouldn’t have known my hair had been bleached. 

Beauty protector pretect and detangle leave in conditioner. 

A couple of months ago I bought a record player from HMV, it is such a beautiful record player it’s an off white with rose gold hardware and since I’ve been buying vinyls to play. My latest purchase is Bastille wild world, this album is just amazing I don’t think there is a song I don’t like on it the only annoying thing is is that ever 4 songs I have to turn it over or change it. I have moved my record player closer to my dressing table so it’s not really an issue. 

Goodmans record player and Bastille vinyl. 

My last favourite is copper spray paint, I originally bought this for a table I was buying but put off buying the table as I’m going to be moving house and didn’t want more things added to the move instead of spraying the table I’ve spray painted two picture frames and a mirror and o love the outcome, they look so pretty and I can’t wait to move and buy more spray paint and spray some more things. 

Copper spray paint. 

Thank you for reading. 

         Courtney x


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