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Products the internet made me buy!

Hello everybody, 

I thought I’d post a quick little post about all the products the internet made me buy. 

The first product I’m going to talk about is the urban decay naked vault, everyone was talking about the naked palettes and then I saw the naked vault going around, to be honest I mainly bought the vault because of the packaging but I have used every naked palette since buying it. 

My next product is mac shimmering skin perfector in the shade soft and gentle, although this is a bit dark for me as I’m paler than pale it looks really nice and natural blended out or used as a blush topper. 

Who hasn’t bought the Nivea men’s post shave balm because of the Internet, I’m pretty sure this product started with Nikki tutorials but I could be wrong. This product contains glycerin which is literally superglue for make up, this product makes your makeup stay on and look amazing all day. 

Mac fix plus is another product just like the post shave balm, it also contains glycerin. This product is amazing and can be used for multiply things like wetting your brush to pick up more eyeshadow and packing it on the eyelid, this product is also amazing for if you go a bit heavy with powder no matter what this spray will make your makeup flawless. 

Let’s be honest the internet made me buy everything I own from benefit, for so long there was so much hype about all benefit product and I have to admit I bought into the hype some pruducts I love and some I hate, I love the blushes, they’re my favourite blushes especially coralista, I’m not a big fan of their mascaras I loved bad gal lash but hated all the others, I have issues with my eyelashes though so that’s probably why. I do however also love the eyebrow products, the ready set brow is part of my daily routine I also love the goof proof eyebrow pencil. 

Morphe is another brand that the internet made me buy and I am so glad I love their brushes and their eyeshadow palettes, I have the 35W and the 35O, I have quite a few brushes a few of my favourite are the m441, m505,m303 the E22 and my all Time favour the m501. 

I’ll more than likely do another one of these posts sometime but for now thank you for reading. Hope you have a great day 

Courtney xx


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