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Christmas wishlist!

Hello everybody. 

  It’s almost Christmas, so I thought I would make a Christmas wishlist, most of this is stuff I’ll probably get myself or things I know my boyfriend is getting me. I just thought I’d write this to maybe give other people some inspiration on what to get for Christmas. 
The first item is my most wanted these are the adidas triple white ultra boosts, I’ve changed my mind a thousand times on what trainers I wanted for Christmas and finally decided on these, at first I didn’t like the cage but now I love it. Every since I got my nmd r1 knit I’ve been obsessed with trainers and these need to be the next added to my collection. 

The next product on my wish list is the urban decay ultimate basics, I’ve wanted this since I first saw the promo pictures on the urban decay Instagram, I’m a lover of orange eyeshadows and I’d happily wear orange eyeshadow everyday so when I saw the orange in this palette I knew I needed it to add to my collection. 

The third product is the make up forever ultra he stick foundation, I wanted to get this last year but never got round to purchasing it, mainly because my Debenhams doesn’t stock it and I was a little worried about the shades but now I’ve seen quite a few people with similar skin tones to myself and I think I’m ready to give it a go. 

Another foundation is the Clinique beyond perfecting foundation, this foundation just looks amazing, I love that it applies with a doefoot aplicator, I always pump out a little too much and end up just blending it half way down my body aha.

I’m actually shocked that I don’t already own the Kat Von d tattoo liner, when Kat Von d starting getting sold in Debenhams I was going to put in a big order just never really got round to it, I was also trying to find my debenhams beauty card because I knew I had £10 to spend so I wanted to put that £10 towards it. Still haven’t found my card so looks like I’m going to need a new one. However I will hopefully get the tattoo liner soon. 

The last thing in my list still needs to be chosen, my boyfriend buys me a new handbag for my birthday and Christmas every year. I’m searching for one I want but just can’t find one I’m in love with. I’m going to have to hurry soon though as it’s only 20 days away so doesn’t give much time for Christmas shipping and everything. 
  I hope this post gave you a little inspiration on what to ask for this Christmas and I hope you enjoyed reading. 

      Courtney xx


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