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Current skincare favourites. 

Hello everyone, 

     Today I’m going to share my current skincare favourites, these are what I’ve been using at the moment and I’m loving them. 

First is my cleansing brush this comes with a variety of heads and was only cheap, I wanted to try a cheap one before I splurged on a more expensive one and at the moment I’m really loving it so I’m thinking in the future I will be purchasing a more expensive one. 
The second item is boots simply sensitive moisturising cleansing wash, this was recommended to me by a lady in boots along with a couple other things and i really like them. Although I always tend to get the foamy bubbles in my mouth and they don’t taste good aha. 

Another wash I’ve been enjoying is the L’Oréal  pure clay detox wash, this is a charcoal wash and it really lifts out all the dirt from my skin and leaves it with that clean tight feeling. 

My eyes are really sensitive and almost everything stings them but the la roshe- posay eye makeup removing for sensitive skin doesn’t sting at all and removes even the heaviest eye makeup within a couple of swipes. 

When I’m being lazy I tend to just use the garnier micellar water because it’s so easy and is just a one step product and it takes off the stubbornest makeup. 

My next product is the body shop vitamin C spray, this truly makes me feel more away and makes my skin feel less tired and worn out. 

Moving on to moisturiser these were also recommended by the lady in boots one is a night moisturiser and one is a day moisturiser, both sink into my skin and make them instantly feel softer.

Next is the Liz Earle eye bright soothing eye lotion If my eyes are feeling tired or seem puffy I pour a little bit onto a cotton pad and gently push it into my eye and it soothes my tired puffy eyes. 

My last skincare favourite is the L’Oréal pure clay detox mask I’ve been using this for quite a while now and it is amazing, it is the reason I bought the wash as soon as it came out. The only thing I don’t like about this mask is it’s not a peel off mask, I feel it would be a lot better if it was, also I just washing face masks off aha. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my current favourite skincare products, another of my favourites is the Liz Earle cleanse and polish but I need to repurchase that as I ran out and keep forgetting too. 

     Thanks for reading. 

              Courtney xx


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