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Current favourites! 

Hello everybody,  

    This was originally a February favourites but my phone broke so I wasn’t able to upload it, I’ve added some other things I’ve been loving in march. 

The first item is the Kat Von d tattoo liner in the shade trooper, I received this in my love me beauty bag and I love it. I recently stopped wearing eye liner because frankly I just couldn’t be bothered with it, i take quite a while to do my makeup anyway and then trying to match a wing on my annoying hooded eyes just seemed impossible at times. Especially with a toddler clinging to my legs but this just makes it so easy to use it’s incredibly. 

I’ve seen quite a few people taking about the primark ps love liquid lipsticks so I thought I’d give it a try and bought the shade Kayla, I don’t think there’s been a day since I bought it that I haven’t worn it, it is such a nice shade of brown and I love it very much. 

My next favourite is the make up forever loose powder, I’ve been using this since my love me beauty bag and I love it, it doesn’t cake up like some powders and makes my skin look flawless. 

Recently I’ve been wanting a more dewy base so I’ve using either boijous healthy mix or mac face and body with a stipling brush and it has gave me a lovely dewy look. 

I’ve also been loving this little thing, I bought this ages ago but only just used it this month, it made washing my makeup brushes so much easier and it seemed quicker too. I have quite a lot of brushes so it takes me quite a long time to wash them and this just made it so much easier so I’ll continue using this to speed up the process. 

This month I started watching one tree hill and I love it, i also watched the last season of the vampire diaries. I was waiting  the last season finished so I could binge watch the whole season and it’s safe to say it broke me into a million tiny pieces. I cried for a very long time aha. 

I preordered the lower than Atlantis limited addition vinyl and since it arrive I’ve listened to it none stop. My favourite songs are boomerang, money, I would, could be worse and I don’t want to be here anymore, to be honest I literally love the whole album and it is always played at full volume it is such a good album. 

I recently started working out at home while my toddler is asleep and I’ve been using the my fitness pal to track everything, I am loving this app so much, it makes me even more motivated to get into shape and it stops me eating crap because I don’t want to put it into the app to see all the calories added up.

My last favourite is my planner I bought this from Sainsbury’s and i think it was about £3.50, it’s so pretty and I’ve been using it so much. 

Thanks for ready I hope you’ll try some of my favourites. 

         Courtney xxx


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