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Mini toddler primark haul!

Hello everyone,  

     Recently I went into primark to pick up a couple of essentials and came out with two big bags full like always, let’s be honest who doesn’t do this. I thought I’d show you the couple of things I bought for my 20 month old. 

There was so many cute things in the big boy section but I was in a rush as I only had about 30 minutes in the shop so I’ll probably be going back again sometime soon. 

The first things are these vests, I went up a size on almost everything so it would last him as he seems to be having a growth spurt at the moment, he’s getting huge. The south beach vest was £3.50 and as you can see the Los Angeles one was only £2.50. He doesn’t own any vests and it’s starting to get really sunny and warm so I definitely wanted to pick him up some little vests. 

I also wanted to get him some shorts as he doesn’t have any shorts either so I got him these two pairs. Normally I just buy black, grey and white and I wanted to get him something bright, I also wanted something very lightweight for him so I got these they’re lightweight and bright and I think they were only £2.50 or £3.50each. I wanted to get the orange in 2-3 but they only have 1 1/2-2 available but I’m glad because he wore the red pair recently and they’re a little bit too big around his waist. 

I picked up a couple of t shirts too, his dad chose the first two, I like the one with the face but not too keen on the orange one but I’ve realised I need to let him have an input on what our child wears. Both the red and orange were £1.30 each. 

I noticed a lot of things in there at the moment are American themed, I got him these two Brooklyn t shorts and they were both £2.50 each. 

The last thing I bought from primark is this awesome dude t shirt that has awesome all over it and on the back it says dude, he is wearing this today and it’s a little oversized but he looks very comfortable in it. This t shirt was £3.50.

The same day I bought these I also took him to clarks to get him some new shoes, he can only wear shoes from clarks as he has really wide feet and we haven’t found any other shoes that fit him. We got these blue doodles shoes and these were £20 originally we were getting him a little red pair with dinosaurs on but the straps wouldn’t fasten over his wide feet. 

Thanks for reading. Sorry about the pictures not being perfect and the clothes not being ironed I was a little bit rushed taking them. 

Hope you enjoyed this post 

     Courtney xx


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