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2nd birthday party planning! (Decorations and party bags)

Hello everyone, 

     I started planning my sons second birthday a couple of days ago as I realised that this time last year everything was planned and in place and I started to worry. My sons birthday is on august 8th and we’re having a party in the back garden. As his birthday is in summer we had always planned on having a barbecue and a bouncy castle and paddling pool out in the garden for the children. 

I knew what I wanted I just had to find everything, I knew it was going to be toy story themed so I took to Pinterest and looked for some inspiration, I found quite a bit on Pinterest that I’m going to do. Here a couple of pictures of what I found on Pinterest that I am going to do. 

I knew I wanted to use craft paper bags for party bags and I got this idea to add a balloon, I also had the idea to add a picture of each child face to the front of the bag so they know it’s theirs. 

Next I took to eBay for things to put in the party bags, I simply just typed in toy story birthday party on eBay and loads of things came up I decided to go with stickers, temporary tattoos, play dough with a little sticker saying kian-James, a slinky, a water pistol, a little packet of sweets and a biscuit in the shape of each child’s initial. 


For decorations I got this welcome to my party banner to go on the gate for the garden and I’m going to pin balloons around it. I also got this personalised banner to put up and this 9ft 2 banner. Last year I filled the room with balloons and he loved it so I’m also going to be getting a lot of balloons this year and I’m going to put them up all over the house and attach some to the party bags.


 I also got personalised stickers last year and wanted to get them again so I ordered these ones with buzz light year one. 


I have also ordered the cake and bouncy castle but won’t be able to show them until the day. I’ll more than likely do and updated version of this and maybe a present post and outfit post too. 

   Hope you enjoyed reading 

       Courtney xxx


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