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Boys 2nd birthday outfit!

Hello everyone,

     In my last post I mentioned that I was going to show you what I have outfit I have decided on for my sons 2nd birthday. Some items I have already received and some I haven’t, all will be explained later in this post. 

His main outfit is going to be this summer romper from Bella Maria boutique, as soon As I saw this I knew it had to be his birthday outfit, I just love it. To go with I have chose this crown and a matching rosette, I decided to go for grey and yellow to bring a bit of colour to his black and white outfit.  The crown and rosette are from Teddy bobbins. I haven’t decided on shoes yet but I’m sure I will before the day aha. 

I am also getting this t shirt from Cotton and bloom, last year I bought his age tshirt from cotton and bloom and decided I wanted to make it a tradition for him to get one every year. This is the one I chose this year, it will be exactly the same but will say two instead of one. 


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Please let me know if you have any ideas for shoes. 

    Courtney xxx


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