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What I bought for my sons 2nd birthday! 

Hello everybody,  

      I really struggled at thinking what to get my little boy for his birthday at first but then as I thought of one thing a million other things came to my mind; I thought I’d share with you what he will be getting. 

For his main present I knew I wanted to get him a playhouse it was the first thing that came into my mind. After looking around for a while I decided to get this one from Garden buildings direct it’s reasonably priced and looks really good

I also knew that I wanted to get him a teepee, I’d looked at quite a few and one day while I was browsing hobby craft I found this one for only £35 and straight away I bought it, well after I’d gotten an email saying it was back in stock aha. 

Hobby craft teepee 

He loves music and musical instruments he has 2 different keyboards that he plays all the time so I wanted to get him some other musical instruments, I bought him this little set where you get a Guitar mic and amp in and this little Drum kit both of these were from argos. 

I have been loving argos for his presents, I’ve gotten quite a few from there, there’s this Fisher price skyway, a Henry Hoover, a Peppa pig manga doodle, some Books  and some Face paint. I also bought this Paw patrol easel and art set from Argos. 

He loves bubbles but it gets so boring sitting and blowing them and he gets mad when I don’t blow them quick enough so I bought him this Bubble machine  and bubble mixture from the entertainer. 

He also loves being outside so I bought him a few toys for in the garden, I bought a bouncy hopper, the only picture I could find Online is this one, I bought the lion one. I also bought him a little wheel barrow and I also bought him this cute little chair for him to rest on when he’s not playing.


I’ve bought him quite a few different books because he loves books, he loves being read to and he loves looking through them(I swear it look like he’s actually reading; can 2 year olds read?). The first book is this cars book, it’s basically just a cd with all the lyrics to the songs in the first cars movie, then I bought him a few books from this little book shop we have where I live, there’s a little touch and feel one, a musical one and 3 Pixar ones. I also bought him a little Pixar colouring book. I couldn’t find pictures  of the books online but I’ll possible show them in a future blog post after his birthday. 

From wilkinson I bought him this little Wooden safari bus  and two wooden puzzles, A number one and one with Vehicles on.  I love wooden toys because they last so long and look nicer than plastic ones.


His last toy is this little Waitrose trolley from John Lewis, I was torn between this trolley and the little tikes cozy coupe one but eventually settled on this because I have wanted to get him a little metal one.


Moving on to clothes, from the Disney store i bought him this little cars jumper. I also bought a Cars romper from Bella Maria boutique.  The last clothing item I bought him was this little set from adidas. 

So far this is everything but there’s still just under a month till his birthday so who knows what else I might end up buying aha. I appologise that the images are all website images I forgot to take pictures before I wrapped everything, I do not own any of these pictures. I have included links to everything that is linkable. 
Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed, 

   Courtney xx


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