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Zara mini boys haul! And some other little bits. 

Hey everybody, 

    It’s been a while, having kian-james’ birthday I haven’t really had time to blog much, now that things are finally getting back to normal I thought I’d come on here and show you some things I’ve recently bought for him. 

I’m going to start with Zara as that’s where I’ve bought the most. The first item is this little baby boy cologne, how bloody cute is it. It smells amazing and Kian loves it, he has a little spray of it and tells everyone ‘I smell lovely’ aha.  

I bought him 4 little t shirts from Zara, a plain long sleeved red one with a little pocket, a plain long sleeved navy blue one with a little grey pocket, a green one with little foxes on and my favourite this little orange one with mountains and a little quote saying make this world beautiful.


I also bought him two pairs of trousers from Zara, one pair are blue with little bananas on, he loves bananas so I knew he would love these and the other pair are just grey with an outline of cars all over them.


The last item I bought from Zara were these cute little blue and white striped dungarees, these are by far my favourite item I bought. I’m really loving rompers and dungarees on him at the moment, it’s such an easy outfit even his dad can put it together 😂. 

The next things are all just random things I’ve bought, recently pep and co have moved into the main Poundland where I live, I love going in Poundland it’s where I mainly buy cleaning things and just random little bits and bobs. I really hate having pep and co in there because everything is so squished, I generally avoid that area because everything is so packed in but I spotted this black and grey flannel shirt and I think it’s about time kian got his first proper flannel shirt so I picked that up for him along with some white leggings. Didn’t really see the point in photographing them because they’re just plain white leggings.  

I picked up this toy story top in the Sainsbury’s sale I don’t normally like putting kian in character stuff but as he’s getting older he spots them and won’t let them go, so I gave in to this one. 

I bought a couple of things from a couple different Instagram shops, the first thing is this pair of leggings from poppy & Isla when I first saw these I knew I had to buy them straight away.  

Remember when I said I don’t like character clothes 😂 I had to buy this though, it’s from Bella Maria boutique and I knew he’d love it as soon as he saw it and he does. Everytime he wears it he gets so excited looking at all his favourite cars. 

The last item from an Instagram brand hasn’t arrived yet but I know I’m going to love it when it does it’s this three two one tantrum romper from noo noo bits. 

The last item is his new nursery bag, he starts nursery in September and honestly I don’t know if I’m ready one minute I am the next minute I’m not there’s a lot of mixed emotions but I do love the bag aha. 

I’m thinking of maybe doing a little toddler lookbook or maybe a what my toddler wears for nursery when he starts going. Hope you enjoyed seeing the cute little things I’ve bought for him. 

    Thanks for reading 

           Courtney xx


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